Ramses I on his throne

Ramses I.

"I am a wise and all-powerdul ruler, but lie a small child in a dark room. Help me my old friend, find me someone I can trust."
―Ramses I[src]

Ramses I was the Pharaoh of Egypt. At one point he had a butler and a baker, and due to some kind of treason he throws them in Prison. On his birthday his Butler is released but his Baker is executed.

He was tortured by nightmares for several nights until he was told that a Prisoner named Joseph could interpret dreams by his Butler who had met Joseph in Prison. After Joseph said that Egypt was going to be in a famine, Ramses put Joseph in charge of overseeing all of the grain in Egypt. He renamed Joseph " Zaphenath Panea " which is Ancient Egyptian for "God speaks and He lives".


  • He is voiced by Jonathan Tafler, who voices Levi in the same episode.
  • He is the grandfather of Ramses II, the great grandfather of Thermuthis and Merneptah, and the great great grandfather of Merneptah's oldest son.
  • In real life, Ramses I ruled only for 17 months. On the show he ruled for at least 20 years, though it is never specified which Pharaoh he is. In fact, as the Book of Genesis is usually dated as occurring in the 7th century, he is most likely the Pharaoh Thutmoses. If this was the case, the Exodus occured several hundred years later. Other scholars have suggested he is Pharaoh Senusret III, an influential conqueror of nations, or Pharoah Apopis, who ruled only several hundred years before the Merneptah, the Pharoah of the Exodus in the show.
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