""And who was I after all this dark arithmetic to be the remainder... a cuckoo floating into Egypt's nest."


Moses was the first great prophet of the Jews.

""I was a man of my own heart and I thought I had found it.""
Moses talking to Jethro about his past.[src]

Moses was born around 1273 BC and he was the son of Jochebed, a Hebrew slave woman. Unfortunately Pharaoh Ramses II ordered every infant male belonging to the slaves to be thrown in the Nile, fearing an uprising. Jochebed put Moses in a basket and set him a drift on the Nile in hopes of saving his life. He was found by the Pharaoh's daughter and was adopted into the house of the Pharaoh, with his siblings Aaron and Miriam managing to get their mother into the household as a nursemaid. He became close friends with Merneptah, the son of Ramses II. Some 40 years into his life, Moses was in Memphis racing chariots with Merneptah when he saw a slave being beat by an Egyptian. Moses killed the Egyptian beating the slave and buried the body. Ramses II found out and tried to have Moses found and killed. Moses fled Egypt with the help of Aaron his actual brother. Moses found himself in Midian where he married a local woman named Zipporah and became a shepherd of his father-in-law's sheep.

One day God spoke to Moses through a burning bush, telling him to return to Egypt and to tell Pharaoh to let the slaves go. Moses with the help of Aaron went to Pharaoh Merneptah and ordered him to let the people go. Merneptah, not realizing that it was Moses, ordered that the slaves work be increased and that the slaves have to cut the straw themselves to make bricks. After God sends plague after plague, but Merneptah wouldn't let the slaves go. Finally God sends an angel to kill the firstborn son of every Egyptian, including Merneptah's Oldest Son. The people leave Egypt and travel to the Red Sea. At the Red Sea Merneptah and his army arrive. God saves the Israelites by drowning the Egyptian army into the Red Sea, leaving Merneptah broken on the western shore.


  • Moses was voiced by Martin Jarvis who also voices God in the same exact episode. This is a very common thing to happen for voice actors of Moses from the Bible.
  • On the show he was around 60 during the Exodus. In the Bible, Moses was 80 during the Exodus.
  • In Ancient Egyptian, Moses means, "child". In Ancient Hebrew, Moses means, "drawn out".
  • He is a descendant of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham and is from the Jewish tribe of Levi.
  • In the Bible, he had a wife from Ethiopia before he left Egypt. Her name was Tharbis.
  • In the Bible, he and his wife Tzipporah had 2 sons named Gershom and Eliezer (not to be confused with Eliezar, Aaron's son)
  • His mother Jochebed was brought in to nurse him. On the show she gives him to the Egyptians when he's around 10. In the Bible, Jochebed gave Moses to the Egyptians as soon as he didn't need a wet nurse anymore.
  • Even though he grew up with Merneptah, Merneptah doesn't recognize Moses after being apart for 20 years.
  • Moses is a key figure in the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish religions. While having no historical background many do look up to him.


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