"Gather your own life around you. Merneptah, you have a son. Your son and the first-born of all your people..."
Merneptah and his son

Merneptah and his son.

He is the oldest son of Merneptah. He is a minor character and has no lines. He is around 10 years old and is very close to his father. He seems to be afraid of Moses. He is killed by the final plague. His death makes his father release the slaves. After his death, the Priest try to bring him back, which most likely fails.


Merneptah's son hiding from Moses

Merneptah's son hiding from Moses.

  • In real life Merenptah's oldest son was Seti II. If this particular Prince is the eldest son than he would have to be a adult man, but he is obviously just a child.
  • The Prince's mother is never seen or mentioned. She is most likely the Queen of Egypt, who at this time would be either Queen Isetnofret II or Takhat.
  • Merneptah holding his dead son

    Merneptah holding his dead son.

    He is the grandson of Ramses II, the nephew of Thermuthis, and the great great grandson of Ramses I.
The Priests trying to bring the Prince back to life

The Priests trying to bring the prince back to life.

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