""I shall be the one to divise punishments... for you. I can't promise plagues; us lesser gods must do what we can.""
Merneptah on his throne

Merneptah was the son of Ramses II and was a prince of Egypt. His sister adopted Moses when Merneptah was only a baby and the two grew up like brothers at Heliopolis. Moses fled Egypt after killing an Egyptian. Some 20 years after Moses fled from Egypt, Ramses II died. With his father dead, Merneptah became Pharaoh.

Moses returned and warned Merneptah to let the slaves go. Merneptah, not recognizing Moses, increased the slaves' work by removing the straw and making them cut their own. God sent Plague after Plague to try to convince Merneptah to let the slaves go. The final plague killed Merneptah's Eldest son, the crown prince. After the final plague, Merneptah finally let the slaves go. After the slaves leave, the High Priest tells Merneptah that the man who caused the plagues was in fact his former friend Moses. Feeling betrayed, Merneptah takes his army and corners the Hebrews at the Red Sea. God blocks the Egyptian Army with a cloud and parts the sea so the Hebrews can escape. The cloud disappears, and after noticing the sea is open, Merneptah and his army pursue. After falling off his chariot, Merneptah gets off of the sea bed and back on the shore, the water falls back down and destroys the Egyptian Army. After that Merneptah's fate is unknown.


  • He is voiced by Simon Callow.
  • The Pharaoh in the Bible drowned with his army in the Sea. While the show never shows his death with his army, in real life Merneptah's cause of death was by drowning.
  • Merneptah became Pharaoh when he was around 60 and died when he was 70.
  • He had several military campaigns.
  • He was Ramses II' 13th son, and only became Pharaoh because his 12 older brothers died before their father died.
  • On the show he lived in Memphis. In real life he also lived in Memphis. He moved the Capitol from Pi-Ramses, his father's capitol.
  • He suffered from arthritis and atherosclerosis during his reign.
  • He had two wives; Istenofret II who was his niece and Takhat who was his sister. With his wife Istenofret he had 4 children Prince Seti, Prince Merneptah, Prince Khaemwaset, and Princess Istenofret. With his other wife, Takhat he had 2 children Prince Amenmesse and Princess Twosret.
  • Even though Prince Seti was his oldest son, Amenmesse became Pharaoh after Merneptah. Amenmesse and Seti were enemies. Amenmesse only was Pharaoh for 3 years and then Seti became Pharaoh. Seti's son Siptah became Pharaoh after him. After Siptah died Twosret, the daughter of the Pharaoh Merneptah became Pharaoh. She was the only female Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty and she was in fact the last Pharaoh in the 19th Dynasty.


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