"I am Lucifer, the Son of the morning. I will not dance at the throne of God, I will topple it! Let God fear me."
Lucifer after escaping Hell.[src]

Lucifer also known as Satan, was once God's brightest Angel until his rebellion. He wished to become the ruler of the Universe which got him cast out of Heaven by his brother Michael and into Hell. After his escape from Hell he took the form of a snake and was able to trick the first two humans in the Universe to Sin. He appeared as a serpent to Eve and requested she pick fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, claiming it would make her like God.

Even though he isn't God he still possesses powers that no human can compare to. He can shape-shift, transport, and fly.

In The Miracle Maker, Lucifer appears to tempt Jesus in the desert, suggesting he turn a rock into bread to satisfy his hunger, but Jesus replies that Man cannot live on bread alone. He also offers Jesus all the nations of the world at his command if he bows down to him; Jesus again refuses, declaring God is the only one to be served. Finally, Lucifer suggests Jesus throw himself from the temple roof where he will be caught by angels, proving his divinity to the people. Jesus yells that one should not put God to the test, and Lucifer disappears.

Lucifer appears later as Jesus is having doubts in the Garden of Gethsemane, offering him a way out, and later tells him leap from the cross, but Jesus resists him once more.


"I will give all this power and glory and authority to you. Bow down before me, and it will all be yours."
Lucifer in the desert.[src]
  • In the Bible he was a Cherubim. A Cherubim has four wings, four heads(one of a man, one of an eagle, one of a lion, and one of a lion). On the show his appearance is very different with only having one head and no visible wings(until his rebellion then he has red bat wings). The Bible then describes Satan as a transforming into a Dragon like creature.
  • Lucifer is voiced by Ciaran Hinds in the episode Creation and the Flood, who played characters that include The Troll King in Frozen, Julius Caesar in Rome, Tardos Mors in John Carter, and he even played King Herod in The Nativity Story. He also appeared as one of the two theatre managers in The Phantom of the Opera, the other being played by Simon Callow, who voiced Merneptah in Moses.
  • In The Miracle Maker he is voiced by William Hootkins. He briefly appears in his true form as a silhouette of a man, but usually appears as the Roman Emperor.
  • In the Bible, Lucifer persuaded one third of God's angels to join him. These fallen angels are commonly known as Demons and were also sent to Hell to dwell with Lucifer.
  • He is known as the Father of all Evil.
  • Lucifer means " Light Bringing, Morning Star ".



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