"Of course litte brother. As soon as soon as you start to learn some respect, oh ruler of nations!"

Levi is one of the sons of Jacob.

Like his brothers, Levi became angry with his father's favoritism of Joseph and was part of the plot to sell him into slavery.

Many years later, Levi joined his brothers to ask for grain in Egypt, not realising that Zaphenath Paaneah, the Pharoah's trusted advisor, was in fact Joseph, who ordered them to bring back their youngest brother Benjamin before he would grant them supplies. Joseph later saw his brothers show offer themselves in place of Benjamin following a suspected theft he had orchestrated. After this, Levi and his brothers were shocked and overjoyed to learn their brother was alive and well.


  • He was played by Jonathan Tafler, who also voiced Ramses I.
  • Levi was the ancestor of Moses and Aaron.
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