"The house of Saul is King in Israel; KING IN ISRAEL!!!"
King Saul[src]
King Saul in his tent

King Saul.

King Saul was the first King of Israel.

After the Israelites asked Samuel the Holy prophet to anoint a King, Samuel anointed Saul a member of the Tribe of Benjamin. Saul was also one of the tallest men in Israel at the time. Saul was the first king of the Israelites and he protected the Israelites from Philistine Empire from the West. God ordered Saul to destroy the Amalekites, because the Amalekites did evil, God ordered that everything belonging to the Amalekites to be destroyed. After destroying the Amalekite city and killing the Amalekites, Saul allowed all of the sheep and cattle belonging to the Amalekites to live. Saul then built a monument to himself, and sacrificed animals to God. Samuel the prophet then told Saul that God was going to replace him as king and give it to another man. God being angry at Saul for disobeying him, left Saul and a dark spirit came over Saul. Saul was tortured by that dark spirit so bad he was driven to madness. Saul's son Jonathan and Saul's daughter Michal were worried about their father. Under the belief that music can calm a dark spirit, they got a 15 year old shepherd boy named David to come and play his harp so that Saul's madness could be calmed. The harp music worked and even though Saul couldn't sleep, his madness was gone.

The Philistines attacked. Goliath, a 9 foot tall Philistine man threatened the Israelites but none of Saul's army was brave enough to go one on one with Goliath. David, however was not afraid (knowing that God would protect him) and went up against him with nothing but a sling and a stone. David became the captain of Saul's army. After David became a very skilled warrior and became very famous throughout Israel, Saul became jealous of him. David became best friends with Jonathan and married Michal. One night while David was playing his harp, Saul in a fit of madness through a spear at David. David escaped with the help of Michal and Jonathan. Samuel soon died and Saul made it a crime for anyone to call on spirits from the dead. Saul then searched throughout Israel for David. David being loyal refused to kill Saul even when he slipped into Saul's camp and had a perfect opportunity to kill Saul. Instead in the morning David spoke to Saul from a cliff and showed Saul his own spear to prove that David, even though he had the chance to kill him, spared his life instead. The Philistines then gathered in large numbers at Mt Gilboa. Being afraid, Saul consulted The Witch at Endor who called upon Samuel. Samuel told Saul him and his son would die at Mt Gilboa. Saul committed suicide in order to not be tortured by the Philistines. David became King of Israel after Saul's death.


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King Saul[src]
  • He is voiced by Alan Dobie.
  • In the Bible, Saul's wife and queen was named Ahinoam. With Ahinoam he had 2 daughters Merab and Michal and 4 sons Jonathan, Abinidab, Malchishua, and Ish-bosheth. He also had a concubine named Rizpah with whom he had 2 sons named Armoni and Mephibosheth. On the show no wife or concubines are seen. On the show only Jonathan and Michael are shown and his other daughter and 5 other sons are left out.
  • In the Bible, Saul's 3 eldest sons Jonathan, Abinidab, and Malchishua all died with him at Mt Gilboa. On the show it's just Jonathan.
  • In the Bible, Saul's sons Ish-bosheth became King of 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel and David becomes king of 2 tribes. After 2 years of being King, Ish-bosheth was assassinated. 5 years after Ish-bosheth died, David became King over all of the Tribes.
  • In the Bible, David gave the Gibeonites (who hated Saul) Saul's 2 youngest sons and his 5 grandsons (by his daughter Mirab). The Gibeonites hung all of them. Rizpah, Saul's concubine makes sure the vultures and beasts don't eat the bodies.
  • In the Bible, Saul originally offered any man who could kill Goliath his daughter Mirab. After David killed Goliath, he declined the marriage.
  • In the Bible, Saul became King when he was 32 and he died when he was 72.
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