John the Baptist.

"Am I God's holy one sent to save the people, no! Nor, do I dream that I am anything but this, the voice of one crying "Make a way in the desert, clear a path for the Lord who is coming!""
―John the Baptist[src]

John the Baptist is a well-known Galilean prophet and baptizer of men. Cousin of Jesus, he was born shortly before his cousin in similarly miraculous circumstances - his mother Elizabeth had long been thought barren. When he grew older, John began baptizing people and spreading the message of the Messiah who would soon come to save the people of Israel.

Jesus came to be baptized by John, who considered himself unworthy to do so, but agreed, and watched as the heavens opened and the voice of God declared his pleasure in his beloved son. John then bid his cousin goodbye as he walked off into the desert to confront Satan.

John makes no further appearances in the story, but his arrest is mentioned by Asher Ben Azra to Simon the Pharisee, who expresses his concern for John's well-being. Later, Andrew reports that Herod Antipas has had John executed.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He is voiced by Richard E. Grant, whose best known film was Withnail and I, where he starred alongside Paul McGann, who played David in David and Saul.
  • In the Bible, John is arrested and kept in prison by Herod, but is executed due to the actions of his wife Herodias, who has her daughter Salome dance for Herod in return for anything she wishes. After the dance is completed, she asks for John's head on a silver platter. In the film, it seems he is arrested simply for treason.
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