Herod Antipas.

"Send his Majesty back to Pilate! Let Rome decide the fate of this dumb prophet... this marvelous mute King of the Jews."
―Herod Antipas[src]

Herod Antipas was the King of Galilee at the time of Jesus' ministering. He was the second son of Herod the Great and received one part of Herod's kingdom when his father died. He had John the Baptist imprisoned and later executed, regretting these actions but considering them necessary, otherwise the Romans would destroy the nation.

When Jesus was arrested, Pontius Pilate sent him to Herod on the grounds that Jesus was a Galilean and thus his responsibility. Herod sarcastically greeted Jesus, but when he did not receive a response, had Jesus dressed in kingly robes and a crown of thorns, before sending him back to Pilate.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He was voiced by Anton Lesser, who also voiced Joseph in the series.
  • In the Bible, Herod's motives were much more complicated, he had no desire to have the Baptist executed but after his wife Herodias received an insult regarding her divorce from Herod's brother Philip, she had her daughter perform the Dance of the Seven Veils for Herod. Herod promised to give Salome anything she requested, and, as prompted by her mother, Salome asked for John's head on a platter.
  • Herod also greeted Jesus with great warmth than in the film, requesting that he perform a miracle for him. It was only after Jesus would not speak to him that Herod grew cold and sent him away. It was also Roman soldiers who mocked Jesus, not Herod.
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