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God(middle) with two angels standing beside him.

God is the creator of the Universe in the Christian Mythology, but also Jewish and Muslim Mythology. He loving, knowing, powerful, frightening, but also very gentle and kind. God created the world around 6,000 years ago according to the Bible. He created all life on Earth and possibly other planets as well. His origins are a mystery because only he knows his own origins. He has had countless of prophets which wrote a Book about God called the Bible.
God in the form of a Dove

God in the form of a Dove.


  • He has only appeared physically in the entire show twice. Other times his voice is the only thing heard. If you count speaking parts he has appeared in Moses, Elijah, Creation and the Flood, as well as the film The Miracle Maker. He is mentioned in every episode. He is seen in Abraham and Jonah. In Jonah he is in the form of a dove.
  • While he can't be seen or heard, he is in every episode due to him being everywhere at all times.
  • On the show he is voiced by Martin Jarvis, John Alderton, Colin McFarlane, David Burke, and T.P. McKenna. Each one voiced God in different episodes, and both Jarvis and Alderon voiced the principal character in their respective episodes. In the Miracle Maker, he is voiced by Michael Bryant, who also plays The Doctor.
  • He has an army of winged creatures called Angels which dwell with him in Heaven and are referred to as "The Sons of God". Lucifer and Michael are examples.
  • God has around 900 names including Elohim, Yahweh/YHWH, El-Shaddai, Jehovah, and Adonai.
  • His age is unknown due to him only being the one to know his origins.
  • 1,000 human years is just 1 day to God according to Christian Mythology.
  • It is said he created the Universe in 6 days. It is unknown if it is 6 God days (6,000 human years) or just 6 human days.
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