"To all those who fear King Saul, your home is my home, your protection is my protection."
David when he was 15 year old boy

David when he was 15.

David after defeating the giant Goliath

David after defeating the giant Goliath.

David was born the son a shepherd in Bethlehem named Jessie. He grew up as a shepherd and was very skilled with a sling which he used to kill bears and lions. One of his skills was playing the harp, this skill was so good he was brought in to play music for King Saul of Israel when he was only 15. Soon afterwards the Phillistines attacked Israel, Goliath a 9 foot tall giant was with them. None of Saul's men were brave enough to fight the giant, but David was able to kill him only with his sling. After that David became good friends with Jonathan and Michal, the son and daughter of Saul. David even married Michal when he was 30. David was appointed the captain of a group of troops. He won many victories over the Phillistines and was very loyal to King Saul, but Saul feared David greatly. One night while David played his harp for King Saul, Saul through a spear at David but missed him. David ran away and became an outlaw. After Saul and Jonathan died, David became King and made the new capitol Jerusalem.

Saul throwing a spear at David

Saul throwing a spear.


  • 15 year old David and 30 year old David was voiced by Paul McGann.
  • In the Christian Bible, David was the ancestor of Jesus (through his mother Mary) and a descendant of Judah.
  • In the Bible, David has 7 older brothers and 2 older sisters.
  • In the Bible, David had 8 wives and at least 3 concubines before his death. He also had 3 of his sons die before him, at the time of his death he had 17 sons and 1 daughter.
  • In the Bible, David was King of Judah for 7 years before becoming King over all of Israel. He died at the age of 70.