Darius the Mede.

"Worship what you want, I don't care. It's order I want."
―Darius the Mede[src]

Darius the Mede is the Persian King who kills Belshazzar and takes over Babylon for the Medes and the Persians. He appoints the Chaldean Chief Magus to serve him and the Hebrew Daniel as his Governor.

Darius and Daniel became firm friends, though Darius often told Daniel of the impossibility of releasing the Israelites, as that act would begin the ruin of the Empire. Though Daniel counters by saying that Darius has no problem with the Israelites worshipping a God who will destroy all earthly empires, Darius stresses his principal concern is for order.

The Chief Magus later approaches Darius with a false prophecy from the Temple of Marduk; no petition may be made to any man or god other than Darius himself. The King waivers when Daniel protests, but is convinced when the Chief Magus implies Daniel has power over him. In fact, this is a play against Daniel by the Magi, who show Darius that Daniel is still praying to God. Distraught, the King sentences Daniel to be thrown into the Lion's Den, but assures him his God will protect him.

Darius prays that night for Daniel's safety and is overjoyed when he emerges unharmed. Furious, despite Daniel's protestations, he has the Magi thrown to the lions instead.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Darius is voiced by Clive Merrison.
  • There is no historical figure known as Darius the Mede, the King who defeated Belshazzar was Cyrus the Great.
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