Chief Magus.

"Don't think you can get the better of me."
―Chief Magus[src]

Chief Magus is a Babylonian/Chaldean advisor to Nebuchadnezzar II and worshipper of Marduk. He becomes increasingly jealous of the success of the Israelite Magi, particularly Daniel, even after Daniel's interpreting of the King's dream saves the lives of all the Magi in the palace. When Nebuchadnezzar transforms into a beast, the Chief Magus moves on to serving his son Belshazzar, and later Darius the Mede, who conquers Babylon.

After Daniel is appointed Governor of Babylon, the Chief Magus and his colleagues conspire against Daniel, tricking Darius into passing a lawyer that states only he may be prayed to for the next thirty days. After Daniel is spotted in his window praying to Jerusalem, Darius is forced to arrest him and throw him to the lions. However, God intervenes and Daniel escapes unharmed, leaving a furious Darius to throw the Chief Magus and his co-conspirators to the lions instead.


  • He was voiced by Roger Allam.
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