"You know nothing! Nothing at all. Don't you see that all the might and anger of Caesar can be brought down against one man. This magician from Nazareth. Let one man die, and all the people will be saved."

Caiaphas is the High Priest at the time of the Crucifixion. He succeeded his father-in-law Annas to the rule and has had to remain canny in order to avoid violent intervention from both the Romans and violent splinter groups such as the Zealots. He remains stoic on the matter of Jesus, in fact seeing his appearance as an advantage; by having a single man to target, the Romans will focus on him and turn their attentions away from the Jews.

Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin worked alongside Asher Ben Azra and the Pharisees in having Jesus arrested, asking him numerous times if he was the King of the Jews, but he merely claimed this was their words and nothing more. Caiaphas sent Jesus to Pontius Pilate, who found no charge against him, even Jesus was sent to Herod Antipas, who should have dealt with any rebels from Galilee. When Pilate hesitated, Caiaphas subtly warned him of what would happen if he did nothing about the situation, specifically that he was likely to receive the full wrath of Caesar.

Behind the scenesEdit

"The only king we want is Caesar, and if you do nothing about this you are no friend of Caesar."
  • Caiaphas is voiced by David Schofield, who also portrayed Elijah in the main series.
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