""Your God has nothing to offer us Israelite. We were once friends, be grateful to keep your life.""

Belshazzar was the Prince Royal and later King of Babylon. He was initially a friend to the captive Israelite Magus Daniel, but spurned him after Daniel refused to eat meat that had been tainted by the ritual at the temple of Marduk. However, he remembered this friendship and did not inform on Daniel for refusing this honour.

When Nebuchadnezzar transformed into a beast as Daniel had predicted, Belshazzar seized his crown and - even after his restoration seven years later - refused to relinquish the throne. He listened only to the advice of the Chief Magus and held night after night of feasts, ignoring Daniel's words. One night, after mockingly offering Daniel a drink from the holy cups seized from Jerusalem, he became terrifed by the appearance of a hand writing on the wall. Only Daniel was able to translate it, refusing the gifts offered to him and explaining that he had been held in the balance and found wanting, and the Medes and Persians would soon seize his Empire. The Chief Magus objected, but soon the Captain of the Guards rushed in to inform him that the Medes were outside. Strapping on his sword and shield, Belshazzar went out to face his fate.


""My sword. My shield. We will fight.""
  • He was portrayed by Bill Nighy.
  • Though in the series he was shown as the son of Nebuchadnezzar II, in history he was the son of King Nabonidus - the fourth king after Nebuchadzezzar -, and was not actually King, but ruled as Regent in his father's absence.
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