"My lords, my lords, the King has spoken. An honour, such an honour, you must have truly impressed his Majesty.""

Ashpenaz was the chamberlain, chief eunuch and cup bearer to the Babylonian court, serving Nebuchadnezzar II and later his son Belshazzar. He was also in charge of the well-being of the Hebrew princes, aiding in their training as Magi and ensuring they provided for, which proved difficult after they rejected the food Nebuchadnezzar provided for them from his own table due to it being part of a sacrifice to Marduk. However, Ashpenaz was able to provide the princes with bread and water, and soon they were declared full King's Magi.

During the reign of Belshazzar, Ashpenaz was called upon to provide wine for the king and his nobles, which he initially objected to as the King wished for the wine to be served in the sacred cups from Jerusalem. That night, the Medes and Persians invaded the city and Ashpenaz was killed, along with most of the court, his head being placed on display beside the king.


  • He was portrayed by Sion Probert.
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