""I am helping my brother, whatever you have become. And if you would only go quickly, Ramses need never know."
Aaron speaking to the elders

Aaron is a character in the episode Moses. He is the son of Jochebed and the brother of Miriam and Moses. Him and his sister are first seen when they bring Jochebed to the Princess. Later he helps Moses escape Egypt. Him and Miriam are seen at the construction of a statue of Merneptah, were Miriam shows that she is not as joyful towards Moses as Aaron is. He has a son named Eliezar.

Aaron appears before Merneptah with Moses where the both of them ask the Pharaoh to let the slaves go, Aaron serving as the voice due to Moses' nervousness of speech. After the plagues he leaves Egypt with the rest of the people. From then on out he is just a background character.


  • He is voiced by Tony Leader. Tony Leader also voiced Ramses II in the same episode, a worker in Ruth and Eliab and a Courtier in David and Saul.
  • In the Bible, he has 4 sons Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar. On the show his only son is Eleazar.
  • He is 3 years older than Moses and 4 years younger than Miriam.
  • In the Bible, his descendants became the priest of God's people.



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